The KEY To Dramatically Transforming Your Body In 90 Days- And LOVING It!

The Key to Dramatically Transforming Your Body in 90 Days- And LOVING It!

We’re already one week into 2013 and this is when most folks are ramping up their efforts to achieve their resolutions.

And do you know what what the most common New Year’s resolution is?

If you guessed “Getting Your Body Back,” you’re absolutely right!

That’s why today I’ll be sharing a simple – yet powerful – “tool” you can use that will practically guarantee you’ll achieve your health and fitness goals this year.  I am even Putting My “Money where My Mouth is” by posting my current “out of shape” body.  I am going to get my “Body Back in 90 Days” and so can you!  Here’s a few things you need to know…

Five simple words hold the key to helping you completely transform your body this year.

In fact, the power behind these five words can help you burn fat, build muscle and ultimately get the body you’ve always dreamed of – once and for all.

Are you ready for it? The five words are:


“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”


This is the key to any successful and dramatic physique transformation. Let me explain…

Where you are now, is your comfort zone.  Your health and fitness goals are where you want to be.

So by definition, your goals are outside of your comfort zone – if they weren’t, then you’d have accomplished them by now…

Which means that in order to achieve the body you want (or any other worthwhile goal in your life) you’re going to have to venture outside of that safe, warm, cozy comfort zone and experience some discomfort.  I have demonstrated a simple example of this by posting myself in my “undies” on facebook.  No turning back now- just the discomfort I need to be successful.

When it comes to a fitter, more toned body, it means you’ll have to experience the discomfort of even hunger from time to time… it means you’ll have to push yourself in your workouts, and keep pushing even when your muscles are burning and crying for rest.

… It means you’ll have to follow your nutrition plan – even on the days you feel like eating pizza and ice cream (or whatever your “sinful” indulgence is).

… And it means you’ll have to adapt and reassess when things don’t go according to plan or life throws a curveball at you to see if you’re paying attention.

Getting uncomfortable is what makes us grow. It’s what makes us change for the better. So the sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you’ll have that rockin’ bod! 🙂

The trick to all this, of course, is being able to do those uncomfortable things on a regular basis… and stop yourself from slipping into old habits that are in your comfort zone.

That’s why I’ve included four tips you can start using today to achieve your fitness goals this year and make “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” your everyday reality:

1. Hold yourself accountable. This is probably the best way to make sure you do the things that are uncomfortable until you reach your goal. Being obligated to someone else (a coach, mentor, or workout buddy or ALL YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK) will give you the mental strength to pull through when things get hard and very uncomfortable. In fact, one study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine looked at how much better we perform when we have an exercise partner. Researchers divided 58 women into three groups. One group exercised on their own on a stationary bike. The second group worked out on a video-game style exercise bike, with a virtual partner. The bike displayed a “live” feed of their partner working out on a similar bike, along with the partner’s progress. The third group exercised with a virtual partner, but this time they worked together as a team on a common goal.

The result?

Those exercising with a virtual parner individually or as a team DOUBLED their performance and reported no loss of motivation, compared to the gorup that exercised alone. [1]

I have enlisted myself in a Physique Competition on April 27th to increase my accountability.  You can do this too by signing up for a race, do a reveal party with your friends and loved ones, or even signing up for a Physique competition!

2. Know your WHY. Knowing WHY you want to achieve your dream body will go a long way to helping you achieve it. It will pull you through in those tough moments. And the good news is, the science backs this up. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that people who solely focus on HOW to achieve a goal have a much tougher time accomplishing it compared to those who regularly think about WHY they want the goal. [2]

3. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Many times the things that are uncomfortable to you are the things you fear. The only way to get past those fears is to face them head on.

So maybe you’ve been putting off joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer, or getting serious about your physique goals. Try and figure out what it is you’ve been fearing… maybe you fear you’re already too busy and adding something else to the mix will stress you out… maybe you think you can’t afford it… maybe you’re afraid that working out will be painful. Whatever it is, do as bestselling author Dr. Susan Jeffers suggests, and “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

4. Plan your reactions in advance. Decide in advance how you’ll handle situations where you’re tempted to “give in” to things that are in your comfort zone. This will make sure you stay “uncomfortable” and on track to reach your goal.

I am doing a 35 minute lower body workout and a 35 minute upper body workout this week.  I will also get 2 x 1hr cardio sessions in (I am going to trick my brain that I am not doing cardio by playing soccer Tuesday and Saturday Night!)

I am also Detoxing… to be frank, I feel like crap and I know it’s because my system is out of whak!  Here is the simple cleanse that I am doing… This VIDEO   Explains how! DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE AND SCHEDULE

So there you have it. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable in 2013 and you’re bound to achieve your dream body!

Oh and by the way, if you’re serious about getting a little uncomfortable and taking your health and fitness to the next level this year, why not take advantage of your FREE Fitness Consultation? (an $187 value)

During this consult, you’ll receive detailed information on how to get fit and trim that’s tailored to YOUR body.  There’s no obligation and it’s totally and completely free.



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Quote Corner

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” – George Edward Woodberry


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