Published on August 18th, 2014 | by Blast-Man

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It’s been almost 75 years since the original gangsters set up the first gym. They liked working out themselves and they though it would be a good idea to charge folks to come in and use their gym.

Blast-Man has watched these gyms grow bigger and bigger so they can charge less for memberships, and make room for more people. After all, the good people have realized that paying for a $50 per month gym membership is a waste of money. Why?

Because the average gym member uses the gym 1x per month. The Fitness Gangsters know this so they cut the cost and made the box bigger for more people. They laugh at how people will spend $10 per month and not use it, but will keep paying. The gangsters say, “It’s because having a gym membership makes them feel good, so they don’t mind handing over their dough“.

The injustice is that these Big Box Gyms don’t offer a comprehensive program for folks to see results. These gangsters just want to collect their cash and let the members figure it out for themselves.

That’s why 90% of gym members don’t see their goals come true. The gangsters like that because it keeps most of them out of the gym. Because if all of their gym members were in the gym, their scheme wouldn’t work.

Blast-Man has created systems and tools for gym members to get continuous results. No guessing at what works and what doesn’t. Blast-Man also allows a 350 member limit on his gym.

Blast-Man says, “The only way to avoid the schemes of the Fitness Villains is to educate yourself on their tactics to get your money and offer minimal programs”.




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