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STOP Your Nutrition Plan from “De-Railing” every time You’re just too Busy to Shop, Prep, Cook, and Pack Your Food with this Little Secret I Found at a Health and Fitness Seminar!

I have been there myself.  And when it would happen to me, my Nutrition Plan would fall off track.  You get so busy you just can’t find a moment to worry about food.  And it wasn’t just me, but for hundreds of our clients’ this was a BIG PROBLEM until I came across this small company at a Health and Fitness Seminar.

Before I tell you about this awesome company we work with, I want to remind you about the foundational components of our Nutrition Plans.  Remember, we are all about eating Clean, Lean, and Low Processed!  That concept alone, limits almost every “done for you” option out there.  Because, every quick and easy food that is made for busy on the go folks like us has been compromised in quality.  You just can’t eat clean, lean, and unprocessed at most fast-food chains or even in most restaurants.

Even if you are picking up “on-the-go” foods at the grocery store… you are still dealing with the quality compromise issue.  TV dinners just aren’t going to help you get to your goals.

You need a Better Option!

“When I tasted this Food, I knew that I found the Answer to this Problem”

In 2012, I was at a Health and Fitness Seminar learning about the latest trends in Health and Fitness.  The seminar provided lunch for all the Guests and It was Delicious!  My wife and I commented to each other how much we enjoyed the food and had taken notice that the quality of food was much Higher than what we expected at the event.  We figured a local catering company handled the food.

Moments after we finished the meal, the Owner of PERSONAL TRAINER FOODS walked into the dining area with a microphone.  He introduced himself and let us all know that the food we just ate was shipped in from Texas the day before.  He let us know that it was frozen just 4 hours prior to us eating it.  Melissa and I shared a surprised glance at each other as the CEO of Personal Trainer Foods continued.

We learned that the foods that they provide are “Steamed Veggies” bought fresh and frozen and packaged immediately, and “Lean Proteins” including Chicken, Eggs, and Lean Beef.  We also learned that the company works exclusively with Personal Training Companies like our own to Solve the Problem of “Eating Clean with Time Constraints.”

I was shocked to learn that not only was the food high Quality Vegetables and Protein, it was also around $13 a day to follow a full meal plan (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.)

The food is shipped directly to your house in a box like you see below.  All the Meals are pre-portioned and in a “BPA FREE” microwavable bag… Perfect for “On-the-Go” eating.  I liked it so much that I ordered it immediately for myself.

Personal Trainer Food Delivered

I also used it in my “90 Day Challenge” plan to Get my Ass back in Shape.  IT WORKED and during a time when I was SUPER Busy!

Not only did I have more time on my hands (I didn’t have to cook, clean, shop, prep- None of it!), I was shredding body fat and feeling better with every meal.  I had finally found a solution for folks that are too busy to cook or just need a great jump-start!



Stephen 90 Day Blue Print Blog Website Day 90

There are 2 Main Options with the Food.  You can have a Protein and Veggie Focus meal plan or You can have a Veggie Focus Meal Plan.  Basically, if you are a “Meat Eater” then there is a Plan for You.  And, if you are on your way to a “Vegetable Based Diet” then they have an Option for you as well.

You can also purchase just the meals that you need… like Breakfast and Lunch or maybe if your just struggling with just Dinner!  There are flexible options to give you the leverage you need to Get on Track!


Personal Trainer Foods Menu

If you have more questions about our Meal Delivery Affiliates, please contact our Support Team at

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