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Here at BodyBlast we know that knowledge is what keeps folks from getting Great Results.  Most folks go out and buy a DVD program like P90x or Insanity and, if they don’t get injured, they find some promising results. But, stop the “hype” (the DVD program) and you stop the results.  Most folks plateau and become confused about what really works. “The program gave me results at first, but now, I am not seeing any progress”.  Typical for a “cookie cutter” fitness plan.

There just shouldn’t be a “One Size Fits All” approach to Fitness and Nutrition.

The “cookie cutter” fitness plans don’t give you the secrets behind the results you achieve. They give you a proverbial fish, but don’t teach you how to fish. BodyBlast Online Fitness and Nutrition Membership teaches you WHY you need to eat certain foods, do certain exercises, and teaches the secrets Mr. Tony Horton doesn’t want you to know. Why – because if he told you then you wouldn’t buy his DVD, that’s why.

BodyBlast Online Membership will teach you the “Why and the How!”  We teach you how to fish, not just throw a fish at you. Imagine knowing everything P90X’s Mr. Tony Horton knows.  Imagine having the health and fitness knowledge you need to stop the plateaus, toss the DVDs, magazine workouts, and guessing game once and for all.  Imagin knowing exactly “what really works for your body!”

With BodyBlast’s Online Fitness and Nutrition Membership you will get step-by-step action plans for your body type, our nutrition and training technology, and so much more.


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