90 Day Challenge

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90 Day Challenge: Day 7- 14

90 Day Challenge: Day 7- 14

I am 7 days into my 90 Day Challenge, and by all means- this is definitly challenging!  As you can see from my pictures, I have dropped a considerable amount of body fat in just 7 days.  I feel GREAT and Optimistic about Hitting my Goal by April 27th!

Today I want to talk to you about one of the things that makes “sticking” with a healthy eating plan so hard – and Tell you about my last 7 Days and What I am doing this Week towards Getting My Body Back in 90 Days!

If you haven’t seen my previous post… Here is what I am up to in the Get My Body Back in 90 Days Challenge!

Here is the Cleanse I used for my detox.  This VIDEO Explains how! You can also… DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE AND SCHEDULE

The one of the things that makes “sticking” with a healthy eating plan so hard…


We all get them from time to time… and when they hit, watch out!

Cravings for lots of folks can be the end of them when it comes to nutrition and dieting. But new research shows us how we can help tone down cravings by NOT skipping one simple “thing…”

I have experienced a number of cravings during my first week of this challenge… after all, I fasted for 2 days, drank my special Cleanse Smoothie for 3 days (see the links above), and just finished up a run of SUPER HIGH Fiber.

So please read on with an open mind and put it into action if you want to get Great Results like I am seeing!

Skipping This Could Mean More Cravings…

Nothing can derail your best diet efforts faster than caving into a craving.

That’s why the more you learn about what causes them and what you can do to ward them off – the better off you’ll be.

Recent research suggests that skipping one important meal can cause you to cave into cravings throughout the rest of the day.

Can you guess what that one meal is? (I’ll wait…)

And Before I tell you, I want you to check out this Video of me and my little hero, Tristan (hero because he has inspired me and makes me want to be better- for another day.)  Here we are explaining How to Put Your Raw Cleanse together and what’s important…


Now before I give you the details of the study, it’s important you understand what causes cravings in the first place.

Psychological factors aside, the primary “driver” behind cravings is the hormone ghrelin.

High levels of ghrelin in your stomach tell your brain to be HUNGRY. When ghrelin levels are high, we tend to overeat because we can’t seem to get enough.

Likewise, when ghrelin levels are low, we feel satisfied.  Similar to how you feel AFTER you’ve indulged in the food you were craving.

So in this study, researchers recruited healthy individuals who were NOT obese.

Here’s how they set up the experiment.

Participants were asked to come into the lab on three separate mornings.

Each time, they were say in front of a display that contained pictures of fatty foods (think cake, chocolate, burgers, pizza, etc) or healthy foods (veggies, salads, fish, etc.) Then, as they looked at each picture they had to rate how appealing that food looked to them.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

One third of the participants were asked to eat breakfast before arriving. Once they were at the lab they were injected with a saltwater (placebo) solution 40 minutes before they looked at the screen with the high calorie and low calorie foods.

Another third of the participants were asked to skip breakfast before arriving at the lab. They were still given the saltwater solution 40 minutes before looking at the food pictures.

The final third of the participants were asked to eat breakfast before showing up. However THIS time they injected them with the hormone ghrelin 40 minutes before looking at the photos.

To keep everything controlled, the researchers did not know whether they were injecting the subjects with saltwater or ghrelin. Also, the subjects weren’t told whether the injection was saltwater or ghrelin.

So what did the researchers find out?

For starters, when subjects had breakfast and were injected with the saltwater they preferred the low calorie foods.

When subjects skipped breakfast and were injected with saltwater, they preferred that fatty foods.

And for the kicker –

When they ATE breakfast and were injected with ghrelin, they found the high-calorie (fatty) foods more appetizing.

The lesson to be learned?

DON’T skip breakfast. Doing so may be the equivalent of injecting yourself with the “hunger” hormone ghrelin. And that means more cravings
throughout the day.

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This week I am working out 3x  for 35 minutes doing an Upper Body Workout and Lower Body Workout.  I will end the week off with a Full Body Work Out.  I play Soccer Saturday and Tuesday night and will get a 1hr cardio session complete in addtion to my soccer sessions. 

I hope this little tip helps you with your Challenge and stay tuned for my Next Post as I get My Body Back in 90 Days!

Quote Corner

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”
– La Rochefoucauld


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