90 Day Challenge

Published on June 4th, 2013 | by Blast-Man


90 Day Challenge Day 56- 90 Final Pictures

Life Grabs you and doesn’t let Go!  Melissa and I had our 2nd Son in March and I am just now getting back to a regular schedule.  I put the blog second to my eating and picture updates while I was getting used to the changes.  I figured I could always go back and  update the blog later.  So…this post I will show you the last 34 days of my 90 Day Challenge!

Melissa and I named him Wyatt James Williamson.  Wyatt, not after the Wild Law Crunching Cowboy, but simply a strong name we liked (strength goes a long way in this family) and James after my Fathers Middle Name.

Here’s a Picture of my little Muscle Man…

Wyatt James Williamson 3-19-13This little Guy is surely keeping us busy!

Despite the challenges, I was able to stay on track with my food and squeezed in an adequate amount of training.

I continued to keep Personal Trainer Foods in the freezer in case I couldn’t get all my cooking in.  It really came in handy… we didn’t realize that having 2 really means double the amount of work.  My Biggest challenge was slowing myself down enough to plan and not succumb to stress eating- one of the Biggest Killers of Successful Body Transformations.


Here is my Day 56 Picture:

Stephen 90 Day Challenge Day 56







Day 63: We had a Baby!

Stephen 90 Day Challenge Day 63







Day 70:

Stephen 90 Day Challenge Day 70







Day 77:

Stephen 90 Day Challenge Day 77







Day 90: Challenge Complete!

Stephen 90 Day Challenge Day 90







I am satisfied with my progress over the 90 Day Challenge.  I know I am capable of faster results… and there is still more to desire.  So naturally, I am asking myself “What’s Next?”

An important question if you want to continue getting better!  I decided a show in August would be the Perfect Motivator.  So, it is on to the next 90 days of focused Nutrition, Cardio, and Training.  But, before I start anything, a plan must be formulated.  Luckily- something I have lots of experience with!

If you would like some help with your plan, send me an email (stephen@bodyblast.com) and we can talk more about what goal you want to achieve and how to structure a plan to get there.  Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our BIG Announcement coming Soon!  Lots of exciting things happening here at BodyBlast!

To Your Success!

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