90 Day Challenge

Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Blast-Man

90 Day Challenge: Day 21- 28

I am 21 Days into my 90 Day Challenge and feeling very confident in my strategy, results, and meeting the challenges ahead.

So Far…


  • Fasted for 2 Days
  • Cleansed My GI (See Day 7-14)
  • I have Cut out all Gluten in my Diet
  • Worked Up to 3 Cardio Sessions and 3 Workouts Per Week
  • Ordered BodyBlast Personal Trainer Foods http://www.bodyblast.net/nutri-blast
  • Ate ONLY BodyBlast Personal Trainer Foods (with the exception of 1 doughnut)
  • Logging My Nutrition in Nutri-Blast http://www.nutri-blast.com
  • Drinking 90 + Ounces of Water Per Day
  • Implemented Intermittent Fasting Protocol (8 on- 16 off) See Day 14-21
  • Checking of each Day on My Calendar for Compliance
The fat is melting off my body at an unprecedented rate (never have I gotten results like this!)  This comprehensive approach is yielding results in every area.  From Nutrition, Cardio, to Training- I have strategically planned out each piece of the puzzle.  Because- I wanted to get mind blowing Results and Show Everyone that Not only is my program comprehensive- giving you Maximum Results- but, that I also use it myself.
Enough on my plan.  Let’s talk about yours!  I want to talk to you today about…

The #1 Reason Your Not Getting Ahead…

I know you are probably thinking that there CANNOT be one single reason, or one single factor that dictates success or failure, but there is.

It’s the single most differentiating factor between successful careers and home life and those that are struggling.

It’s also the single most differentiating factor between the people in successful fitness and nutrition programs and the ones that only get mediocre results.

YES! That’s right the phenomenon between you and your success at work and home is the same as you and your fitness results and those that don’t seem to really ‘get it’

However, even I didn’t see this until recently while I was at the gym working out.

In between sets I was thinking about a conversation I had with a struggling client (we’ll call him John.)

Our conversation began the same way it usually does with him telling me about some great quantity of workouts he has done this week and how he has restarted with my Raw Cleanse (3rd  time in 4 months), and me telling him he is insane for the way he starts and stops.

Then we got down to business and John was explaining to me what he had accomplished since our last talk.

‘John’ has been doing a lot of new things in his fitness program, but not really seeing the return he hoped.  He has updated his routine, added cardio, and has started to set up his nutrition tracking.  Not a bad restart.

However, John was FRUSTRATED because he was not seeing consistent results.  After some questioning I discovered that John was only doing bits and pieces of what had to get done to Get Real Results.

Not only that, but he was waiting a long time to change what was not working.

I know the concept of changing what isn’t working isn’t new to you, but how you go about changing it might be.  In fact, I see it as the deciding factor for those fitness focused clients who are KILLING IT, and those that are FRUSTRATED.

Alright, back to my story.

I was thinking about all the Successful Clients we have helped- Its pretty clear that the clients getting results choose to use the tools I give them, follow the program, and do whatever the we say, and give the workouts all they can. 

The clients that aren’t successful don’t follow some component of the program and ultimately have failing results.

2 identical people do the same workout, but if one absolutely pushes it and has a mindset that allows him/her to push past his /her comfort level the return they get is greater than the person next to them.

The single most deciding factor of success or failure is

I can guarantee you that those that use the tools, do what they should, change bad habits, and push past their comfort levels will be successful.  Of course I am referencing the tools that BodyBlast supplies to all its Clients, so they have an advantage over those not using tools, or systems to get Results.

The right mindset can allow you to have great success.

Not to be confused with laziness.

This is not a speech trying to convince you to work harder.  My guess is that you are probably working hard every where (work, home, and gym) but not fully satisfied.

This is about the same strong mindset you have for your own work, education, and drive to become a better employee/ parent/ business owner, and applying that same drive, focus, attention, and ‘no BS attitude’ toward getting Results.

You must be willing to push past the uncomfortable pain you feel because you know the results are going to be there.  Just like your work you have to push past the uncomfortable feelings, and attack your weaknesses to get the results you want.

If you are struggling in your fitness, or hitting a plateau you MUST…


Stop doing the same ‘workout’ and start changing the program. Start pushing into that uncomfortable zone, and push harder, so you can get a better return.

Think of how much you have studied or read to have the understanding of your career path and how much effort it took just to get to be able to work in your position.

Guess what? You have to put just as much into your skill-set into fitness.

Probably more!!!

That’s what separates great results from the ones that inch by.  Next time your at work/ home/ at your business, look at how much you are pushing to get that area functioning the way you want.  How much mental toughness you have developed just to get to where you are today?

Do you put that much time and effort and intensity into fixing your fitness and health?  Is your mindset the same towards your fitness and health plan?

You have to attack your weaknesses, and study the things that you are weakest in.

If John had approached his fitness the same way he approached his work/ home/ and business- I bet he would see drastic results.  He could learn a lot from applying his work mindset towards his fitness mindset.

Always change up you fitness routine, always finds ways to change, attack the weakness, have a strong mindset and nothing will stop you from achieving GREAT SUCCESS.


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