90 Day Challenge

Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Blast-Man

90 Day Challenge: 35- 42

I am 35 Days into My 90 Day Challenge… This week was challenging– I turned 33, got
swamped at work, and ran out of my Personal Trainer Foods. Wow- did I not realize how EASY
I had it until the Food was gone!

So easy- I ordered the “Done for Me” Food again! But, I don’t want to be totally dependent on the food and there is something to be said about fresh and locally grown produce and meats! So, I am back at the local farmers market part time (with a little help from our friends at Personal Trainer Foods- I will be back on easy streak!)

I cheated several times with Gluten– Birthday Cookie Cake my wife makes every year (she’s
the best and makes a mean cookie cake), continued to go down the wrong road with some
girl scout cookies, and missed a coule meals because I wasn’t prepared.

That is such an important principle- Be Prepared by pre-paring your food!

I still made some progress but it definitely had an impact on my Results.

Needless to say- I GOT STUCK! But- I am back on Track!

If you’re not happy with your body – maybe a little overweight or just ‘softer’ than you
used to be – feeling less attractive, and possibly less confident because of that – then
you need to read on right now, and use this Special Gift I am Giving to You Now While Your Reading my Blog!

Just don’t let your Gift go to waste (it expires on March 31, 2013). Because it’s the
most valuable Gift you’ve received in a long time. Maybe ever. Here’s why…

It’s the one thing that’s PROVEN to work for hundreds of Philadelphia and South Jersey men
& women just like you. The one thing that gives you your firm and fit body back – for

You see, in the 9 years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped over 418 men & women get
their bodies back. And not just their bodies – but also their confidence, energy and passion… their life.

And I want to give back by doing the same for you. In fact, give me a just a minute or two
more, and I’ll explain to you how it really is a guarantee, a certainty, an absolute ‘lock’
that you will get the body you want and the feelings of pride, freedom and happiness you
deserve, by taking advantage of your Free Gift right away.

I know that sounds bold and brash. You might even think it sounds a little ‘over the top.’
But I promise you it’s not. And I’ll prove it to you. Here’s what I mean…

Firm, Fit…And Finally Free!

Many of our clients tell me repeatedly how the most valuable result they get from our
services is the freedom they feel. Finally free of worry and anxiety over their bodies.
Free to be who they really are, to openly, honestly and confidently express themselves in
ways they just weren’t comfortable doing when they knew they didn’t look and feel their

There’s something really powerful about the way you feel about yourself when you’re fit.
It’s that feeling of real ownership of your life and passion for living it. You get in
touch with yourself, your loved ones, your goals and dreams in a way that just can’t be
conveyed in words – it has to be experienced.

But what is sad, almost tragic, is the fear holding so many people back from experiencing
that. You are afraid of failing because there is so much pressure on you. Especially
when you’ve tried to lose weight or get in shape before and not been successful. Or lost
the weight, only to have it come back. Over time, that kind of thing can really undermine
your confidence.

And here’s what is really interesting. Losing fat and getting in great shape – getting
that firm and fit body you want – is not nearly as difficult as you may think, when you
stick with right kind of help. In fact, few things have been studied and analyzed as much
as the science behind weight loss and fitness.

Getting Real Results – the kind you can see in the mirror and feel when you put on your
clothes – can be accomplished in a reasonably short period of time and with absolute, 100%
certainty, regardless of where you are physically right now. Because it is 100% scientific. But the weight loss industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the diet industry, the pre-packaged food companies like Jenny Craig and Nutri-System… they all want you to
believe there are SECRETS. And the secrets always involve buying their food, their pills,
their gizmo or gadget, or whatever.

I assure you, there are NO secrets. Except for one.

It’s the same ‘secret’ to achieving anything… structure.

You need to get in a structured environment that provides emotional support, consistency, accountability and expert guidance. It’s a bit like school. You need the
structure in the early stages so you can quickly learn how to think, how to perform… and
how to believe you will succeed.

But most people never get the structure they need or stick with it when it comes to their
health and fitness. So the natural tendency is to HOPE the ‘secrets,’ the shortcuts, the
‘magic bullets’ will work. But as anyone who’s tried them can tell you, there’s no magic
in those bullets. They don’t work.

Why Does Working with BodyBlast Work So Well?

It’s the structured environment of support, accountability and expert guidance on
nutrition, combined with expert training in effective, efficient and exciting,
metabolism-stoking programming. Not the boring, dreadful, mind-numbing stuff you may have
found else where. That doesn’t work because people just burn-out on it. They get sick of
it, and quit. What we do is fun and stimulating – because when you’re getting real
results, real changes… almost instantly… well, that’s pretty stimulating.

Would You be Willing to Give My Program a Try- With No Obligation?

I want to at least impress upon you that:

1. I am not selling ‘snake oil’ like everyone else. What we do here at BodyBlast is
grounded in the real science of nutrition and exercise.

2. Because of that, I get Real Results. (Just Take Another Look At My Picture Above!)

3. And I care about every one of my clients – about delivering on our promise to
them. Because it’s the right thing to do, and also because we couldn’t stay in business
otherwise. So I commit 100% to you, to your results, to ensuring you get real, lasting
VALUE from every minute you spend with us.

I hope that makes sense to you. The bottom line is that we’re not some nameless, faceless
corporation full of fast-talking marketers and slick salespeople. We’re a locally owned
and operated small business completely committed to fulfilling the promises we make. Like
you, I make my living providing Real Value in the work I love.

Which is why want to give you a Special Gift entitling you full access to my Nutrition Plans– for No obligation of any kind. And there’s no
‘catch’ or fine print. No clauses or gimmicks. None of that nonsense. You won’t be
badgered until you buy something. Ever. You know we don’t operate like that.

All I do is focus on one thing, and one thing only: being the last fat loss, health
and fitness solution you will ever need. Period. At the risk of sounding a little corny,
I’ll tell you that our clients view us as the ‘dream-delivery’ team. Because we make
those dreams come to life. I want to deliver the new body you want – and the new lease
on life that comes with it.

From what I  already know about you reading this blog, I know you want to improve your health and

fitness and  probably want that area to match the success you’ve had in other areas of your life.

I also know for a fact that nothing in life can be fully appreciated, fully enjoyed,
fully experienced… without good health… and without the positive self-image that comes from
looking and feeling your best.

As I said earlier, when you try us out, your Program will Kick Start Your Body – a 100%
certainty… an absolute ‘lock.’

You will get the opportunity to make your weight loss and fitness results permenent.   You deserve it when you stick with
it.  Results you can see in the mirror. Results you can feel. Results others will notice
and comment on. Results that will transform your outward appearance and the way you feel
inside. Results that make you feel wonderful… about you!

That’s why I really hope you’ll take advantage of your FREE Fast Start Gift
before I run out of spots (I can only handle 7 New Nutrition Programs.) Because this is your invitation to continue to a new
body, a better body, a more attractive, a stronger and fit body. But more than that, this
is your invitation to get back to a new you.
Reserve your spot now by filling out the form below.  I’ll be glad to schedule your initial consultation
for your Fast Start Nutrition Program.


If you’re like most of the hard working men and women I know, you’re always taking care of
everyone else. Isn’t it time to take care of your needs now?

P.S. Sign up now while this is fresh on your mind and while I have spots available. I can only take 7 for this program.  You’ve read this far so you’re obviously
serious. Seize this moment, sign up, and help me get your body back! If you need
additional information, call and ask for our complete info-pak by mail: (856)629-3838

But I can tell you, because I’ve been doing this a long time, if you put off signing up, you may never get back around to it and I will be out of spots. And you deserve better
than that. So sign up Now with the form above. If you have questions, we’re open until
9:30pm M- F and 3pm S- S to take your call, but if it’s after-hours, be sure to leave a message and we’ll
call you back tomorrow. I promise you it will be one of the most rewarding phone calls of
your life.

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